MISUNDERSTOOD CULTURE: Hip-Hop elements living among us

ElementsofHip-HopExpo. inside mc online-Montgomery college“Don’t you wanna hear some rhymes?”

Canibus, King of The Dot battles ‘Canibus vs Dizaster’

When the word Hip Hop is mentioned most people think of -turn ups, big booty chicks dancing in music videos surrounded by flashy cars, expensive liquor and all the stuff that creates a picture of the word. The basic truth is that Hip Hop is far beyond what is heard playing on radios and seen on television. Like any other ethnic group, Hip Hop has its own practices and norms, as well as customs that are associated with it; that make it a culture. Above all, this culture has elements that give a definite definition to it; Deejaying, emceeing, Break dancing, Beat boxing and Graffiti.

In actual fact, Hip Hop is far beyond entertainment. It’s education in entertainment, which in this case can be dubbed edutainment. Simply breaking it down, it is poetry infused with education, to produce a rhythm that fanatics can be hooked up onto. Whereby, the Disk Jockey (Deejay) showcases his skills through the decks and beating making to make an individual get hooked onto the sound waves, that enables an emcee to translate the message hidden in sound waves to words. The emcee as the interpreter and master of words, gives knowledge and his perceptions, in patterns that make a rhythm; rhymes. To further show his prolificness, the emcee incorporates punch lines; words that are said and written in a stylish manner, with an intention to provoke the audience taste buds. Now, brake dancing- so often than not, dance it’s a language by its own respect, let me leave that one to you to figure it out. Beat boxing and graffiti are messages as well.

Hip-Hop, as a culture in contemporary times has lost its meaning and intended utilization. However, in as much as things seem to metamorphose for the worst, Adam Bradley, in his book The Anthology of Rap’ says, “Rap is now a permanent part of our world culture. Rap is the words that the artists employ, they go deep and make statements that have the power to rock foundations.” In that regard, he is simply talking about lyricism, of which its idea is now scarce if not endangered.

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Nirex, Kislev, Skarra Wa Matash. Urban Jamz Cypher 4

Nirex, Kislev, Skarra Wa Matash. Urban Jamz Cypher 4

It has been long, that I wanted to excercise my views on local emcees who are bigger than the Hip Hop game. The real words benders, men that are a big fish in a small pond. I mean emcees who take their time and energy to craft the art of words bending, and they are very exquisite with it.

First and foremost, Kislev is one of the prolific emcees that the country ever produced. I took my time in listening to some of his tracks that include Burning Hot and From the beginning, the dude is really burning hot. Skebz D, Skarra wa Matash, Nirex, L-Tore, Severe Agony, Cyphic Black, Majestic, Blitz; these dudes, infact gentlemen because they separated their flows from those of boys. They really know their position in the game, and they play it well. As a result, they are fit enough to be called Emcees not rappers.

These gentlemen, master most of the elements of emceeing, if not all; wordplay, concept, rhyme scheme to mention but a few. To be frank, the list of emcees among rappers does not end with the mentioned, but its just that some of the emcees haven’t surfaced enough in the industry likewise the listed. When they do surface, trully they  will enjoy the same benefits of getting acknowledged for their craft.

Am also at the back seat, trying to make it to the front seat of the gentlemen. Its almost four years now, eversince I started the craft of bending words with the intention of curing heads. I punch lines deep into the six feet, like other wordsmiths. I go by the moniker Mashroom…I will be back, don’t go anywhere.

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SPIRITUALITY VERSUS RELIGION: Battle for righteousness

Image Courtesy of Bibliotecapleyades.net

Image Courtesy of Bibliotecapleyades.net

In every society, there are always values that are expected from men. The most obvious is one of being a leader; they lead in their families, in commercial sectors, in governments, at church to name but a few. However, this piece is not about leadership, it is on a man’s pursuit for righteousness of which when accumulated, man can automatically lead others through examples. The focal point is on Spirituality and Religion, of which someway somehow conflict in terms of which is the right way for a communication between God and Man.

Righteousness is mostly perceived to be coupled with norms that invoke conscience in mankind. The two terms conflict in terms of the way they are embraced in the society. To begin with, a religious individual I is one who adopts the practices of the church; collectivism, prayer group involvement, ethical abidance to church related matters, submissive to a church leader, to name but a few. As for a spiritual person is a complete opposite of the religious individual; the spiritual person is an introvert- an individual who seeks God, knowledge and wisdom all by himself not through the guidance of the religious leaders. The spiritual individuals also approach the higher power through meditation.

In as much as the two may seem to diverge and assume a parallel focus, they are at par in a sense that their personnel both believe in God; they cross paths in divine sensibility. The spiritual sometimes perceive religion as a way of making cash out of the society, since some of the churches recommend a certain margin, when it comes to the contribution towards church matters and are coerced into believing that if they don’t abide by the measures that are put before them, they cannot be subjected to the values that other church members who observe the practises are exposed to. The spirituals believe that, what’s important is their souls more than what the world and the church need, in order to pave the way for them to heaven.

However, at the end of the day each individual knows what best for him or her, in regard to connecting with divinity, and living in way that suits his or her wishes.

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Moyo benefit concert still walks in my mind

Tshepo Tshola perfoming at the Moyo benefit concert. image by Sobukwe Mapefane. courtesy of Public Eye

Tshepo Tshola perfoming at the Moyo benefit concert. image by Sobukwe Mapefane. courtesy of Public Eye

The day came expected, with most of the roads leading to Thaba Bosiu cultural village if not all, with utmost enthusiasm. It was a testimony that the ‘Moyo benefit concert’ trumpet was blown marvelously wide and to the highest cord. You could detect by the number of revellers who were heading to the event, going to tune onto their favourite sounds of the Afro jazz sensations.
I really never denied myself that chance of a lifetime to meet my favourite jazz icons, above all to see them perform. I was really well guarded; the ticket securely in my pocket, bought myself a culprit in a form of Castle Lager. Yes am talking about that ‘legacy of excellence’. Well I know you might wonder, why am I so old school on drinks, but am just avoiding the congestion of the queue on my drink because if I might have brought a Jameson all my friends would need a sip, and some finally vanish with the whole bottle to brag to their other friends. Hope you get me now!

Hailed a taxi to Thaba Bosiu and without any barriers I reached the place. The place was up in flames, you could hear the sound at the far end of the entrance gate. I followed the search queue just when I was about to go through, the search guard told me, “No beverages nor snacks are allowed into the gig.” Damn it, what was next other than to punch, smack and crush this cold beer? Absolutely no-thing!

Proceeded, to drink like a fish. The drink going back and fourth in my mouth as if it was not sour but sweet and juicy. After several drinks, I started feeling tipsy and warm eventhough it was cold, that’s the magic of drinks on a cold weather. The moment I finished drinking my cold beverages, they retaliated with ultimate blows such that I started seeing double in every single, after some seconds triple and finally saw multiples.

I went through the gate staggering like a duck to the stage where fireworks were produced through musical tunes. After that what I remember is that, I danced till the morning. Am not much of a good dancer but that day I surprised myself such that I produced a couple of killer moves. But the next morning I couldn’t even do one.
In the morning, every soul that was at the gig was ill from the after party fever. Had to go home too to treat my hangover too. What surprised me most was my picture on the Public Eye issue of the 14 to 22 April, dancing like there was no tomorrow. But all in all I enjoyed the session a lot. Ciao

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The Call of Agony

image of a by fastreflex. Courtesy of artatm

image of a by fastreflex. Courtesy of artatm

I had been brave enough to kill a fly, but at this moment I feel very much that my anger could let me kill a man. My soul feels so much shattered like a mirror purposely crashed by the lunatic or a man on his worse, I mean worst behaviour.

Believe me when I say am on a solidary confinement situation, healing the wound of ‘am sorry we got to stop this affair at this very moment’. Every man feels his world had stopped, when heart crushing words like this come in contact with his ears. I never seen tears come out of the man’s eyes before instead men cry on the inside, a situation like this on my side was really inescapable. Like Toni Braxton masterpiece I had to be a man about it, had to abide by the words after an ultimate fight with my inside man; my inner most thoughts. Surely, if you were in my shoes you would have exploded, lost your senses or let it varnish through the thin air. Unfortunately, it all happened to yours truly, you can only feel this if you walk a mile in my feet gnawing shoes.

It all came expected but not wishing for its course. Damn, it dawned on me that nobody can ever change the course of Karma; it doesn’t matter whether you are expecting it or not, it’s an undertaker it doesn’t matter who you are, its main concern is to bury you six feet beneath the surface. It has every thing all planned according to its irreversible will. It was hurting, as if someone was holding a large magnet of miseries over me. In this case, you would even feel that the presence of God, Jesus and angels is an illusion. The situation is paralytic; whenever I blink I develop hallucinations of the picture of my own emotional accomplice. A single though of her haunts me like a worst nightmare, imagine thousands am having every minute I blink. All trapped in her love spell, the misery had invaded my thoughts. The conflict in my heart has taken its course; an ultimate battle of conscience.

At this very moment, I feel am worthy of being in a testifying booth in the court of love. A real casualty of an emotional war, that’s what describes me best. The right witness of the first hand information.

Ops! I almost forgot to let you know I have been granted a sick leave from my job as a lover, due to my severe pistanthrophobic condition. To cure this condition, I surely think a spirit walk would be the answer to my gigantic woes. This is a well learned lesson, besides I chose that fate. This is my ship that I’m drowning in, so I must sink with it; I made this bed of thorns, so I must lie on it. I crafted a pledge emblem in my heart of ‘so help me God to never call this relationship off, even in my worst drunken state.’

Eish, I have to throw away this whip am punishing myself with and answer my phone now, someone is calling me. Don’t go anywhere I will be back!

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courtesy of SABC news

SADC Facilitation gathering of the 9th Parliament of Lesotho in Maseru. Picture courtesy of SABC news

Can somebody tell me what happened to the Mountain Kingdom political arena- these days every Ed, Edd and Eddy, who breaks into politics thinks he can rule the kingdom in the sky.

The situation in Lesotho it’s dire-  a fusion of tragedy and comedy(tragicomedy), especially when it comes to the political sensibility. Every clown who thinks has a smart mind, wears a tie or stilettos and can take the centre stage to embrace the political spotlight is forming a party.

To begin with, Lesotho is a small country that can fit into my pocket and mix up with the coins in it, but the thing that surprises most is that they fill it with excessive political parties.

Lately, whenever Lesotho is going for general elections, it’s being blessed with a new political party that had fragmented from the mainstream shebeen. These parties invoke cold shiver, their propagation is endless like the invasion of the army worm on crops- not unless our fellow country men and women are competing for the nicest names and slogans for their respective parties. Some of them do not even mind exercising the idea of using anything that could make an emblem; it be, a three legged pot or head of a sheep with long horns and tongue out. Maybe in the next elections we will see a party with an emblem of tomy shoes or pumps.

Some of the party names were so strange when written on the newspaper; they seemed as if they were written in Chinese because their existence wasn’t familiar.

Majority of these parties posses the same ideologies and visions, it’s more like some are just the reflections of others. Wouldn’t it be great if the country only had two and stop this unnecessary fragmentation? A bigger question is whether the formations are done on the basis of vision for the country or just greed so that political kleptomaniacs could attend to their sizzling craving.

Surely, an individual could see am out of line now. Maybe I inherited Steve Biko’s character because I write what I like, especially when my vote counts as much as the next person.

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this is a free world where everyone’s right has to be respected and must speak without interference – this is normally heard on the lips of people; whether black, white or grey.

image of Black Label beer advertisement

image of Black Label beer advertisement

The blacks usually victimize themselves with those kind of words; they rip theirselves open and expose what is within. They just utter them without realizing they are not free, they are chained by the western culture and its practices; they just push forward without giving a glance at what black philosophy has to offer.

Among the irregularities of the hypnosis is the education system -It is so blunt, such that a single question has only one answer and no alternative, except those that are open for debate. The architects of the system normally urge casualties to stick to the rules and stop playing around.

The situation that the system exposes individuals to- is so dire like the prisoners in Plato’s cave from his book The Republic –whereby prisoners were made to believe their shadows were part of their companions and there was no life apart from theirs, yet it was only an illusion of the mind.

African countries were given their lands back and regained their independence irrespective of their states sizes. Those who witnessed that perceived the action as freedom especially from colonialism, but that wasn’t enough. Almost every soul on this planet uses products that had been recommended by experts- if something rises from nowhere and not suggested by experts it’s considered invalid. Everything is being chosen for people- from attire to goods for consumption; people are advised to consume certain products in order to stay healthy.

People perceptions are altered to the extreme, with injected belief that they are responding according to the modern era and accordingly with the latest technologies, which make life easier to settle in. subjects do not have a word in that, some individuals are reluctant to question the mind control elements inflicted upon them.

Freedom it’s an illusion it has no degree of which it can be measured or rather a time when an individual would say he/she is completely free, instead what people are capable of is choosing on what to act upon not really free as some may suppose they are.

The chocolate skin casualties are programmed to live in that illusion and never get out of it.

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