Corruption has been the 3rd language in Lesotho, in this 21st century age. It has been spoken of in the last term of the 7th parliament even in this term of the 8th parliament of the mountain kingdom. It has spread like wild fire among the local Politicians, as if it’s a totem that every individual has to abide to. The issue of Political corruption seems to have taken the shape of the relay race, whereby the participants move the baton from the current person to the next person.

It has no doubt let Basotho to a different twist in life, thus affecting them negatively and imposing unbearable impacts. There are several cases of politicians in corruption cases, those include one of the block farming project in Mpharane, where in 2008 the government was accused of fraudulent behaviour, specifically the Minister of finance and Development planning Honourable Mr Timothy Thahane, and the case included the minister of Agriculture and food security by then, Honourable Ralechate ‘Mokose. Thahane who in this present term was the Minister of Energy, meteorology and water affairs got fired by the Prime Minister due to allegations of embezzlement of funds.

Corruption has turned a lot of Basotho lives into hell. The more it keeps on increasing the more it limits infrastructure and bettering the lives of basotho. The police in the past couple of months have been investigating the senior officials in the Ministry of Energy, Meteorology and water affairs, who were suspected of misappropriating M2 million which meant for the construction of rondavels as well as buying furniture, for the ministry’s residence at Oxbow in Butha Buthe district.

The deputy prime minister and minister of local government Honourable Mothejoa Metsing, is alleged to have been involved in money laundering scandals among them illegally issuing tender to Big Bravo construction, a company that was entitled to upgrade Matala Phase1 and Matala to Ha Leqele bus stop roads. Big Bravo earlier this year left the villagers fuming with rage after disappearing leaving road works incomplete two months before their contracts ended.

The company was awarded M120 million tender, of which competitors declare that the distribution was fraudulent.

The other outstanding case which is fraud related is the case of Democratic Congress(DC) deputy president Monyane Moleleki, the former minister of Mining and Natural Resources. He has been accused of illegally distributing Mining Licences to a company called Refela Holdings, which is Mafeteng based.

Corruptional behaviour is hindering candidates who fit certain posts to exercise their strength especially on tender distributions. The officials involved look to be more into Nepotism that looking at the real requirements, that action lowers the spirit of competition among all working hard candidates.

The funds that are misappropriated tend to affect several sectors of infrastructure and the lives of ordinary Basotho. If the action keeps on increasing, the old people would not get their monthly allowances or their pension funds and the students of higher learning would not have access to tertiary education as a result the standard of education would deteriorate because lot of people would be home only a few would get a chance.

As far as corruption may seem to be on the rise bodies like Directorate on corruption and economic offences (DCEO), take part in reducing corruption by educating the society about the deadly virus that seem to exist in Lesotho and also investigating corruption cases as to make Basotho live a better life where they will not be corruption victims.


About moratehimashinini

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumnae, studied Journalism.
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