Man tells Magistrate messenger to Fotsek

BUTHA-BUTHE– The magistrate court of Butha-Buthe on Wednesday sentenced a man three months for contempt of court without bail, the sentence comes after the accused  awfully sweared at the court messenger who summoned him to court for hearing.

This all happened when a court messenger was send to Simon Sebeko (50), being summoned to Magistrate court over land disputes. Who upon hearing he was wanted by the court started swearing at the messenger who brought a summon and dismissed its contents, the accused found the messenger at the village chief’s place, at the village called Ha-Belo.

Mrs. Machona Chona the village chief of Ha-Belo, gave an account that Sebeko arrived at her place ready to pounce on the fellow that was send by the magistrate court, calling him all sorts of abusive names and even threatened to beat the chief if she did not expel an individual who brought the summon.

“I was so amazed by his fury, he terribly sweared at the messenger and went as far as swearing to everyone that was at the compound. I tried to halt him down but threatened to whip me.” Declared Mrs. Chona

According to Chona’s report, it seems that the accused and the woman called ‘Mapabatso Molise had a dispute over the land that Molise sold to the wife of Sebeko for a sum of M10, 000.  The victim declares that the argument between her and the perpetrator rose when the accused went to South Africa, fleeing because he had abused the child of his wife from the previous marriage.

“After that incident his wife begged me to give back M10, 000 0f the sale of land because they were now, staving ever since he left them and I too had to repossess my land. The wife told me she was going back to her birth place Mokhotlong.

After a while his wife came back from Mokhotlong, but this time she was sick. Due to her illness I allowed her to stay again. Unfortunately, she didn’t stay for long, because that’s the place where she breathed her last, that’s when Sebeko came back to the land.” Says Molise

The return of Sebeko from Molise’s perspective wasn’t good because he was ill treating the kids, so that treatment that the kids were getting forced Molise to place a charge against Sebeko’s stay in that land.

Chona said she knew every detail of the conflict between the two parties and they are exactly the way they were told. As for Sebeko he could not be reached for comment because he was taken into detention immediately after the sentence.

The magistrate emphasized that they courts of law are not to be taken light, so the decision that the court made should be a lesson to him, and he should never to find himself in a contempt of court again.


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