South African residents crash the Magistrate Court

MASERU- Two Southern African residents recklessly ran a vehicle into a tree at the Magistrate Court on Friday, this incident happened due to the high speed the driver was driving with.

The incident happened late in the afternoon at the parliament route, where the two South African residents whom their names are not known, who seemed to be in their late forties ran straight into the gigantic tree above the magistrate court, crashing on it so hard such that the tree broke and hit the back of one of the court buildings. The crash was caused by over speeding of the driver, such that he never had a good chance to stop the vehicle which was now out of his control. After the crash the victims were taken to Queen Mamohato Memorial hospital commonly known as Ts’epong for examination because they had incurred injuries from the crash, even though the injuries were not fatal.

“While I was still in my stall with some couple of friends, I saw it coming straight towards. I definitely saw that this car won’t stop I told my friends we should ran away and I saw it go straight into the tree, I thought I was dreaming because I had never witnessed an accident before.” Said Tankiso Mokhehle, the street vendor who sells his commodities at the back of the Magistrate court.

The victims were from Lesotho Sun after a moment of fun at the hotel. Their car was in a bad condition such that it was taken by the brake down car, and taken to a scrap yard in an unknown location because the car hardly moved. The tree that the car crashed on to has been removed and the place cleared, with the motive to make sure incidents like that don’t happen again.

“I heard the crash sound while I was still lying down together with my friend who we are living with on this place, when he heard that he ran away and I had to stop him and told him that when an incident like this happens, we need to help people not to run away, but with luck someone came along and phoned the police who came after several hours to take the statements” said the homeless man who stays near the magistrate court premises.

The place where the accident occured it’s a sloppy T­-junction, where accidents are most likely to be witnessed in high percentage.

The police report shows an increase in number of accidents in Maseru, with numbers elevating from 381 in January to 422 in November, making a maximum of 4,376 accidents. Among those accidents 318 people died and 2090 got injured. Damaged vehicles have witnessed an increase from January to November with numbers that moved from 641 to 708, making an average of 7,348 vehicles.

“To reduce the number of accidents that seem to be increasing a lot, the police department will employ a number of speed traps and alcohol testers to prevent drunken driving this festive season.” Said Makhaola Mapota the traffic police officer

In addition to that the Clerk of Traffic statistics said “Road blocks are essential to reduce traffic as avoid unnecessary accidents that seem to have risen a lot recently around the city”


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