Twisters, that’s how the place is known to locals. The boundary setting circle is next to the bar which has all the rights to the name ‘Twisters’. The Matala/Abia circle, since it’s next to the bar it therefore inherited the name, like the newly married woman.

The spectacular beauty of the circle is distorted by immense traffic that is normally witnessed on weekends but more especially on month end weekends, when workers of different sectors of life have received their monthly wages, by then most of them go shopping as to avoid having cash but without commodities in their respective homes. The traffic is so immerse that passenger vehicles from Ha Abia are forced to use the route at city Matala, to avoid the enormous congestion that is time wasting due to long queues of vehicles each waiting for its respective turn to enjoy the benefit of the route.

During the day, it’s quite like the prayer session during the church service. Only few cars can be seen going along the circle. Actually, the congestion during normal week days is mostly seen in the early morning hours when people residing around the area are in a rush to get to work and in the afternoon the same thing that happens in the morning is still witnessed, when people are from work and students from school or either when everyone wants to get home to hide from the chores of the day and finally rest.

“The traffic congestion on month ends has become part of us. Some of these people even get off the taxis and go by foot because cars take long on the road, while drivers are waiting for their respective turns.” Said Thato Matjama the Vendor at the circle.

Some of the residents of that area believe that the congestion is caused by the small road; they said that if the road could be made into a two way, maybe that would bring a solution to that unbearable congestion. They further raised concerns that the presence of traffic police would help ease the traffic or else traffic robots should be introduced in that area.

According to some of the people residing in that area they believe the congestion on month ends, is heightened by the fact that since it’s a pay day every individual who owns a vehicle stands a chance to fuel it and go to every place he wishes to go, but during the middle of the month they run out of cash and fuel so they leave them at home, and wait for month end again.

“The only way to reduce this heavy congestion is when the government could offer a helping hand to make large roads that could accommodate lot of vehicles, and people could stop using this narrow road because with this road they sometimes get late where they are going only because they will be trapped in traffic” said Sola Ramatlanyane a resident of Ha-Abia

As far as congestion is concerned on early morning, late afternoon and month ends, there have not been reports of major accidents that claimed lives of people.


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