A shift of characters in the taxi rank


Butha Buthe taxi rank

Festive season over the years has witnessed a shift of characters in its self. It’s surely like Santa Claus gift bag; it has every character an individual would like to wear and look smart or weird in. In its bargain it has everything to the extreme, especially when it comes to the taxi rank- individuals witness things that send cold shivers to their whole bodies; extreme noise of hooters, ear-splitting passengers, noisy hairstyles, thunderous body gestures to name but a few, as a result the entire atmosphere becomes roaring.

As healthy as I look, an individual should understand I was born and bred in the outskirts of Butha Buthe town at the place called Ha­-Belo. I had been shopping in that town ever since I popped my eyes out of the sockets and saw the sun, but the metamorphosis of characters I did witness the buried festive were extreme.

An individual in January is mild and cool, but come festive season especially in the late afternoon hours when everyone wants to get to the comfort of their homes in the long propagating queues, that’s where an individual witnesses the effects of the festive season. To share the secret I was one of the individuals on those endless queues, yes! I admit without hesitation that I was a victim of those too.

Still waiting on the endless queues for our respective turns to enjoy the comfort of the ride, out of a sudden one stout female passenger who had maneuvered and got into the ride sneaked through the backseat window forcing herself out with half of her body in the ride, started inciting chaos by shouting at her daughters who were at the extreme end of the queue on top of her voice.

“You two! Why didn’t you get into the car, give me a good reason for still being on that queue?” that was her with a hoarse voice.

In response to that one of the daughters answered smoothly, “Mommy we are still waiting for our turn.”

You could have seen when tempers of the passengers gushed and their adrenaline shooting enormously from her silly question. I perceived danger since she had poked a snake with a stick from its hole. After that, the situation started to get ugly second by second. After a few seconds, that’s where I realized I had perceived danger the wrong way, the ferocity of the woman was intense. The anger of the passengers by then seemed to have provoked the lion out of its den. Damn it, the woman was well guarded, it appeared their bitterness had provoked the fury of the woman and the situation started to get a diverse twist; its channel migrated from the daughters to the entire passengers who were at the queue. She started feeding every human being on the line vulgar words.

One of the passengers turned his face towards mine and inquired, “What’s wrong with this woman?”

In response to his massage I said, “Keep shut, do you want more?”

By then the taxi rank was buzzing, everyone wanted to know what was wrong with that woman. I just smiled slightly and thought to myself that this woman was experiencing a festive fever.

Luck is never bought it just comes unexpected, I was witness to that when the driver of the car, inserted his key into the ignition and drove away from the platform, but no doubt the woman had left everyone with their mouth open and jaws jammed.

Yah, that’s how the taxi rank behaviour metamorphose; from good to worst especially when the season permits.


About moratehimashinini

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumnae, studied Journalism.
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