Residents of Katlehong have been leaving peacefully, not until December 2013; when a cow and sheep were stolen, by four unknown men who drove them at night to a slaughter house at Ha-Thamae.

The four sheep belonged to a local farmer Mr Polao Molise and the cow belonged to a police officer Mr Mabeleng.  The night the theft occurred, it looks as though the criminals started with Mr Mabeleng‘s cow and then went to capture Mr Molise‘s sheep.  The place where the sheep are kept is right behind the house owned by Molise, which is rented by students.

“It looks as though, these people knew that the students were not present and that must have been the reason they stole the sheep easily.” said Molise

“Considering the fact that these sheep are not in an open space; they were kept in an inaccessible place, I believe these thieves might have had an informant.” Molise further declared

Few hours after the cow and sheep were stolen, a group of young men followed the tracks of the rope that was fastened to a cow and the fresh cow and sheep dung helped to ease their search.

“My neighbour Thabang went to my place at that night saying he saw a cow that was driven by four men and he suspects it was being stolen. I therefore got dressed and woke up my three peers leaving around me and we followed the tracks.” Said Mr Molefe Tjeboko

Tjeboko declared that they travelled till they reached Lithabaneng, where they were told by villagers that they should go and look for their stolen animals at Ha-Thamae, they were told to meet Ramajoe; the prime suspect of the crime, who denied involvement in that.

When they came back home, they informed Mabeleng about the incident. Mabeleng took with him the police and went to Ha-Thamae and brought the suspect to Pitso Ground Police Station for questioning, and that’s where Ramajoe admitted to having stolen the animals with three friends and it was clear that he was the leader. The police managed to capture three including Ramajoe, the last one is still in hiding.

Since the animals were then slaughtered, the police urged the culprits to compensate the victims.

“I heard that Mr Mabeleng was compensated, but on my side there wasn’t any compensation made nor an attempt or promise. I do wonder whether the police did make a follow up or not.” Said Molise

Makhobalo Mapota, the police officer who resides at Katlehong said that they encouraged people to stick together to fight crime in the community.

“We teach the community about crime and how it affects people; the teachings are done through community gatherings (Lipitso). As for now, since we started involving Police in our gatherings there are no reports of crime within the community” said Namoli Matete, the village chief.


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  1. chiselpress says:

    How cruel could these guys be..i mean for real we still have people like these in our country? #bring the death penalty


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