Courtesy of film proposal

Courtesy of film proposal

It’s a normal perception that great lovers are those who behave like best friends, adhere to a special bond like mother and daughter, laugh like there is no tomorrow- So does friends, since they share the same benefits. One of the distinction between friends and lovers if not major, is that friendship comes into play automatically or rather naturally, but love is maintained on a mutual consent.

As am typing this text and putting my thoughts into play, believe me the lines have blurred between love and friendship; the two relationships now exist on a grey line (between white and black). The sudden Metamorphosis is witnessed and embraced in different manners; negatively or positively. I truly believe there is no law that has been passed by His Majesty’s government, which can hinder me from beginning with the positive side of bringing a friend on board of the love nest if things are not working in order. However, some friends when invited on board manoeuvre their way into a friend’s relationship and finally capture the friend’s lover who is distress.

Come on friend! You have been invited to come and offer a shoulder to cry on, not to incite more chaos to the damage that its music is already rolling on the tapes.

To keep the journey interesting, let’s hop into the negative side of the content as to examine the other side of the coin and explore the two relationships. Invitation of the third party can be annoying to the other partner, since love affair is only made for two; it’s not a group discussion.

Friends should be worthwhile into relationships and avoid being liabilities; lines should be drawn, am real on this one. Even Dionne Warwick supports that statement through her masterpiece ‘That’s what friends are for’ in her Album dubbed Greatest Hits

Friends need each other; hence, a friend in need is a friend indeed.


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Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumnae, studied Journalism.
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