courtesy of SABC news

SADC Facilitation gathering of the 9th Parliament of Lesotho in Maseru. Picture courtesy of SABC news

Can somebody tell me what happened to the Mountain Kingdom political arena- these days every Ed, Edd and Eddy, who breaks into politics thinks he can rule the kingdom in the sky.

The situation in Lesotho it’s dire-  a fusion of tragedy and comedy(tragicomedy), especially when it comes to the political sensibility. Every clown who thinks has a smart mind, wears a tie or stilettos and can take the centre stage to embrace the political spotlight is forming a party.

To begin with, Lesotho is a small country that can fit into my pocket and mix up with the coins in it, but the thing that surprises most is that they fill it with excessive political parties.

Lately, whenever Lesotho is going for general elections, it’s being blessed with a new political party that had fragmented from the mainstream shebeen. These parties invoke cold shiver, their propagation is endless like the invasion of the army worm on crops- not unless our fellow country men and women are competing for the nicest names and slogans for their respective parties. Some of them do not even mind exercising the idea of using anything that could make an emblem; it be, a three legged pot or head of a sheep with long horns and tongue out. Maybe in the next elections we will see a party with an emblem of tomy shoes or pumps.

Some of the party names were so strange when written on the newspaper; they seemed as if they were written in Chinese because their existence wasn’t familiar.

Majority of these parties posses the same ideologies and visions, it’s more like some are just the reflections of others. Wouldn’t it be great if the country only had two and stop this unnecessary fragmentation? A bigger question is whether the formations are done on the basis of vision for the country or just greed so that political kleptomaniacs could attend to their sizzling craving.

Surely, an individual could see am out of line now. Maybe I inherited Steve Biko’s character because I write what I like, especially when my vote counts as much as the next person.


About moratehimashinini

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumnae, studied Journalism.
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