THE VILLAGE CINEMAS: Adoring a magic box

Old Television

Old Television

In the heart of the villages a television set is worshiped like a deity- every corner of the host house is occupied with an individual who is dressed in a mask hat, gumboots, grey blanket or all of the mentioned.

Eyes all glued to the set, curiosity dragging every soul through the mud, the thorny ground, even on hard rocks mercilessly with suspense.

The ignition of all the joy is brought by the sound and sight of the 20th century fox logo- the audience goes buck wild with elate; chanting and screaming on top of their voices ‘ film, film, film…!’ .

The host homesteads are always full to the brim, as if it’s the last day a movie is played. The funny part is that the audience don’t matter whether they understand what’s being said or not, as long as they are watching they are fine with it. The elderly, whenever they see the logo normally say,

“Son, remember we watched this one yesterday” not realising it’s a different movie with a similar logo.

The audience in the cinema will be stepping on every thing – it be; the mattresses, the sofas, kids or anything- their ultimate motive is to satisfy this animal called desire. Some even attend movies with their pets; dogs and cats, probably some will even bring camels or elephants.

In those gatherings, those who happen to know the film narrate the events from the beginning to the end, even the time a character takes when yarning. They narrate without approval of the audience, those who are not interest are let to keep shut since they know nothing. The interested are often heard saying, “…and after that what’s going to happen?”

Some of the villagers in their discussions happen to reference their topics by, ‘I saw that in so and so Television’ not citing the movie. The young generation after watching the movies sometimes imitate the actors, while the elderly normally think the characters are real- if a character that plays a villain or a prostitute makes unexpected appearance in the village. No doubt, he/she becomes a victim of his/her own role and end up being baptized with scornful words.

For all those who happen to host those multitudes, a big thumb up to YOU, but more especially to the film industries for giving people topics to discuss and exposing them to the motion pictures.


About moratehimashinini

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumnae, studied Journalism.
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