this is a free world where everyone’s right has to be respected and must speak without interference – this is normally heard on the lips of people; whether black, white or grey.

image of Black Label beer advertisement

image of Black Label beer advertisement

The blacks usually victimize themselves with those kind of words; they rip theirselves open and expose what is within. They just utter them without realizing they are not free, they are chained by the western culture and its practices; they just push forward without giving a glance at what black philosophy has to offer.

Among the irregularities of the hypnosis is the education system -It is so blunt, such that a single question has only one answer and no alternative, except those that are open for debate. The architects of the system normally urge casualties to stick to the rules and stop playing around.

The situation that the system exposes individuals to- is so dire like the prisoners in Plato’s cave from his book The Republic –whereby prisoners were made to believe their shadows were part of their companions and there was no life apart from theirs, yet it was only an illusion of the mind.

African countries were given their lands back and regained their independence irrespective of their states sizes. Those who witnessed that perceived the action as freedom especially from colonialism, but that wasn’t enough. Almost every soul on this planet uses products that had been recommended by experts- if something rises from nowhere and not suggested by experts it’s considered invalid. Everything is being chosen for people- from attire to goods for consumption; people are advised to consume certain products in order to stay healthy.

People perceptions are altered to the extreme, with injected belief that they are responding according to the modern era and accordingly with the latest technologies, which make life easier to settle in. subjects do not have a word in that, some individuals are reluctant to question the mind control elements inflicted upon them.

Freedom it’s an illusion it has no degree of which it can be measured or rather a time when an individual would say he/she is completely free, instead what people are capable of is choosing on what to act upon not really free as some may suppose they are.

The chocolate skin casualties are programmed to live in that illusion and never get out of it.


About moratehimashinini

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumnae, studied Journalism.
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