Moyo benefit concert still walks in my mind

Tshepo Tshola perfoming at the Moyo benefit concert. image by Sobukwe Mapefane. courtesy of Public Eye

Tshepo Tshola perfoming at the Moyo benefit concert. image by Sobukwe Mapefane. courtesy of Public Eye

The day came expected, with most of the roads leading to Thaba Bosiu cultural village if not all, with utmost enthusiasm. It was a testimony that the ‘Moyo benefit concert’ trumpet was blown marvelously wide and to the highest cord. You could detect by the number of revellers who were heading to the event, going to tune onto their favourite sounds of the Afro jazz sensations.
I really never denied myself that chance of a lifetime to meet my favourite jazz icons, above all to see them perform. I was really well guarded; the ticket securely in my pocket, bought myself a culprit in a form of Castle Lager. Yes am talking about that ‘legacy of excellence’. Well I know you might wonder, why am I so old school on drinks, but am just avoiding the congestion of the queue on my drink because if I might have brought a Jameson all my friends would need a sip, and some finally vanish with the whole bottle to brag to their other friends. Hope you get me now!

Hailed a taxi to Thaba Bosiu and without any barriers I reached the place. The place was up in flames, you could hear the sound at the far end of the entrance gate. I followed the search queue just when I was about to go through, the search guard told me, “No beverages nor snacks are allowed into the gig.” Damn it, what was next other than to punch, smack and crush this cold beer? Absolutely no-thing!

Proceeded, to drink like a fish. The drink going back and fourth in my mouth as if it was not sour but sweet and juicy. After several drinks, I started feeling tipsy and warm eventhough it was cold, that’s the magic of drinks on a cold weather. The moment I finished drinking my cold beverages, they retaliated with ultimate blows such that I started seeing double in every single, after some seconds triple and finally saw multiples.

I went through the gate staggering like a duck to the stage where fireworks were produced through musical tunes. After that what I remember is that, I danced till the morning. Am not much of a good dancer but that day I surprised myself such that I produced a couple of killer moves. But the next morning I couldn’t even do one.
In the morning, every soul that was at the gig was ill from the after party fever. Had to go home too to treat my hangover too. What surprised me most was my picture on the Public Eye issue of the 14 to 22 April, dancing like there was no tomorrow. But all in all I enjoyed the session a lot. Ciao


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Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumnae, studied Journalism.
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