Nirex, Kislev, Skarra Wa Matash. Urban Jamz Cypher 4

Nirex, Kislev, Skarra Wa Matash. Urban Jamz Cypher 4

It has been long, that I wanted to excercise my views on local emcees who are bigger than the Hip Hop game. The real words benders, men that are a big fish in a small pond. I mean emcees who take their time and energy to craft the art of words bending, and they are very exquisite with it.

First and foremost, Kislev is one of the prolific emcees that the country ever produced. I took my time in listening to some of his tracks that include Burning Hot and From the beginning, the dude is really burning hot. Skebz D, Skarra wa Matash, Nirex, L-Tore, Severe Agony, Cyphic Black, Majestic, Blitz; these dudes, infact gentlemen because they separated their flows from those of boys. They really know their position in the game, and they play it well. As a result, they are fit enough to be called Emcees not rappers.

These gentlemen, master most of the elements of emceeing, if not all; wordplay, concept, rhyme scheme to mention but a few. To be frank, the list of emcees among rappers does not end with the mentioned, but its just that some of the emcees haven’t surfaced enough in the industry likewise the listed. When they do surface, trully they  will enjoy the same benefits of getting acknowledged for their craft.

Am also at the back seat, trying to make it to the front seat of the gentlemen. Its almost four years now, eversince I started the craft of bending words with the intention of curing heads. I punch lines deep into the six feet, like other wordsmiths. I go by the moniker Mashroom…I will be back, don’t go anywhere.


About moratehimashinini

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumnae, studied Journalism.
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  1. Bill says:

    Your means of describing everything in this article is truly good, all can easily be aware of it,
    Thanks a lot.


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