SPIRITUALITY VERSUS RELIGION: Battle for righteousness

Image Courtesy of Bibliotecapleyades.net

Image Courtesy of Bibliotecapleyades.net

In every society, there are always values that are expected from men. The most obvious is one of being a leader; they lead in their families, in commercial sectors, in governments, at church to name but a few. However, this piece is not about leadership, it is on a man’s pursuit for righteousness of which when accumulated, man can automatically lead others through examples. The focal point is on Spirituality and Religion, of which someway somehow conflict in terms of which is the right way for a communication between God and Man.

Righteousness is mostly perceived to be coupled with norms that invoke conscience in mankind. The two terms conflict in terms of the way they are embraced in the society. To begin with, a religious individual I is one who adopts the practices of the church; collectivism, prayer group involvement, ethical abidance to church related matters, submissive to a church leader, to name but a few. As for a spiritual person is a complete opposite of the religious individual; the spiritual person is an introvert- an individual who seeks God, knowledge and wisdom all by himself not through the guidance of the religious leaders. The spiritual individuals also approach the higher power through meditation.

In as much as the two may seem to diverge and assume a parallel focus, they are at par in a sense that their personnel both believe in God; they cross paths in divine sensibility. The spiritual sometimes perceive religion as a way of making cash out of the society, since some of the churches recommend a certain margin, when it comes to the contribution towards church matters and are coerced into believing that if they don’t abide by the measures that are put before them, they cannot be subjected to the values that other church members who observe the practises are exposed to. The spirituals believe that, what’s important is their souls more than what the world and the church need, in order to pave the way for them to heaven.

However, at the end of the day each individual knows what best for him or her, in regard to connecting with divinity, and living in way that suits his or her wishes.


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